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Creation of identity portraits


Outremer proposes the creation of overseas "field" identity portraits, accompanied by a summary report, which reveal the true regional identity: signs, landscapes, cultural and literary evocations, lifestyle, character, colours, symbols, celebrities, sites and the individual iconic products of the region…

Objectives :

Design of tools to promote hinterland discovery


The discovery of the region's hinterland is a major factor when promoting a tourist destination, and it is vital that this is widely communicated.

Outremer offers support and resources to convert the local heritage, industrial sites or agricultural locations into welcoming touristic locations.

Outremer can create and develop Discovery Trails.

Outremer can scout out and identify areas of interest.

We can develop Themed Walkways and Nature Paths.

We are experienced in the development of varied communication and media presentations: Totems, themed information panels, orientation tables, visitor terminals, signage of heritage sites and the development of outstanding points of view.

Our expertise includes the improvement and development of accommodation.

Outremer faciltates the Networking of various tourist stakeholders: bed and breakfasts, craft villages, cultural centers…

We can provide the copy for electronic guides and/or all promotional materials.

Positioning of local products


Delicatessen, organic produce, gourmet gift, vineyards - the local products and unique regional wares meet a concept imagined by all visitors, whatever the country.

The local product evokes a climate, landscape, agricultural know-how and specific craft, a culture, a lifestyle, a link between product quality (fruit, wine, cheese, honey, oil…) and the region from where it it is produced.

Outremer proposes :

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