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Evelyne Lequien

Created in 2009 by Evelyne LEQUIEN, Agence Outremer has been located in Morocco since its conception.

The founder has a rich experience of over 20 years, gained across Europe: France, Spain, and Benelux, specialising in communication, tourism and the promotion of local regions.

Evelyne graduated from a business school: the “Ecole des Cadres” taking a Paris tourism option.

Evelyne LEQUIEN completed her training by bringing together large French design groups and communication companies. She was then subsequently entrusted with the responsibility of promoting and the enhancing of various areas, such as tourist resorts and the improving of company headquarters.

During her experience with these companies, she found herself involved in the development and sponsorship of new towns. This opportunity les her to focus on protecting individual values and identities, and she created in 1990 the KHRONICA agency to facilitate this.

The agency specialises in the completion, the planning and the construction of circuits and discovery heritage trails in rural and urban areas, working with various European local authorities.

In the context of development and globalisation, she is naturally drawn to developing countries, who need her experience and knowledge the most.

Outremer operates through its own developed networks and is experienced in the building and managing of project teams and the accompanying disciplines (economists, designers, architects, graphic designers, photographers, historians, archivists, editors…

Our working methodology is simple and is focused on:



Pigments Outremer

Outremer unites and brings together men and women inspired by the desire to reveal and develop new regions which will flourish and enjoy a new lease of life.

Outremer aims to promote regional development projects where the question of "good life" is an essential issue of the transformation.

Outremer contributes to the promotion of places where this company anticipates a "good life" will emerge..

Outremer communicates the tourism initiatives which promote local landscapes, nature viewing areas, heritage sites, regional products, and the culture and identity of people.

Outremer promotes economic projects which bring together different stakeholders such as farmers, architects, winemakers, economists, engineers and town planners.

Outremer facilitates the exchanges between companies connected by the same economic issues.

Outremer encourages the development of common sense.

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